Business Processes

Digitizing the company's business processes is no longer a trend but a necessity. We offer a simple tool for describing and executing business processes. The tool accumulates experience gained over more than 10 years of developing business process management software for medium and large businesses.


BPMN - Business Process Model and Notation — is easy to understand both for managers and technical users. ELMA365 uses BPMN as a basic notation for describing business processes.


Swimlanes are a key feature of BPMN. They depict process participants and tasks they are responsible for. This approach makes it easy to read a process diagram, quickly understand and modify a business process when a company’s business changes.

Schedule Compliance

One of the goals of implementing business processes in a company is to increase schedule compliance. Task time settings and escalation mechanisms help you stay on schedule and hit deadlines.


Scripts (TypeScript language is used) and API allow you to send requests form business processes to another SaaS, create objects, receive data and so on.

In the beginning of 2019.


Standard API allows starting business processes in ELMA365 from external systems, track statuses of the processes started earlier, and manage process execution.