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Release 1.1.1

New options are available:

1. ELMA RPA logo was redesigned.

2. The quick menu has become radial.

3. You can now recognize documents using the new Intellect Lab service.

4. Recognizing documents using the Smart Engines (trial version) has become available for the ELMA RPA users of the Community Edition version.

5. You can now recognize pdf documents.

6. A new Subprocess activity has been added. It allows you to use a previously created RPA process in an execution flow of the new one.

7. You can now create parameters right from the activity settings, quick menu, and in the recording mode.

8. You can now create escalation from loops.

9. A new API method was added that allows you to cancel an RPA task from the Orchestrator task queue.

10. The component of the OCR recognition layout has been improved.

11. The process desiner now sends an error report automatically.

12. You can now find the release notes in the designer settings.

13. The loader at the process opening was reshaped.

14. ELMA RPA installer now has a Code Signing Certificate.

15. The diagram scaling has been improved.

16. The system was translated into English.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. The application now works correctly when switching from the recoding mode to the Vision method (image search).

2. A bug was fixed that caused ELMA RPA Designer failure at a first launch.

3. The bot now switches to the sleeping mode after a long inactivity.

4. A bug was fixed that caused incorrect path recording when running a process with a File type variable.

5. You can now use variables multiple times when recognizing documents using the Smart Engines service.

6. The layout of the modal window is now displayed correctly when changing the size of the windows.

7. The Go-To transition is now displayed correctly.

8. The publication message is now displayed correctly.

9. A bug was fixed that caused incorrect coordinates recoding when changing the recognition areas.

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