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Release 1.1.2

New options are available:

1. Activity groups and loops can now be collapsed. RPA diagram has become more user-friendly.

2. The Loop activity now has an escalation. You can now set an emergency escalation the process will take in case of an error in activity performance inside the loop.

3. We have added a new Log message activity and a new condition for those activities that allow writing a text to the process log files during the process run. It can help you control the task execution at control points.

4. Advanced mode is now disabled automatically in case there is no connection with the server.

5. User actions are now logged on the RPA server.

6. A new activity for quick parameter editing.

7. An error activity is now highlighted in case of unsuccessful process run.

8. You can now change the standard keys for stopping the process and calling the radial menu.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Processes containing loops now work correctly.

2. The tasks are now given to the bot correctly when joining the bots and processes in a group.

3. Changing the user permissions on the RPA server also changes the permissions in an active user session in ELMA RPA Designer.

4. A bug was fixed that caused opening an image when dragging it to the designer window.

5. The parameters tab is now updated correctly when switching between the same activities.

6. A new activity name is now saved correctly after editing it.

7. The Extract Table Data activity now has an icon.

8. Text in the description fields now has a wordwrap.

9. You can now delete variables from loops.

10. The layout of Designer certain parts has been improved.

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