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Release 1.1.3

New options are available:

1. You can now create process variables right from the quick menu in the recording mode.

2. We have added the key combinations you can use when editing the process: "Ctrl+ S" for saving, "Ctrl + P" for running, "Ctrl + R" for recording.

3. We have added examples of using expressions for the "Enter Text" activity.

4. User interface has been improved, the system has been localized.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. The entered IP address is now checked for availability correctly.

2. Activity name is now displayed partially in case the name is too long.

3. Error log can now be copied after incorrect process run.

4. Tracking errors in OCR interface recognition have been fixed.

5. Escalation now works correctly when setting the activity post conditions.

6. The name of the created process is now validated.

7. New user data on the orchestration server is now validated.

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