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Release 1.1.4

New options are available:

1. We featured a new Web extension for Chrome, Yandex, and Opera. It allows you to automate your browser actions using the XPath. You can find the extension in the Designer settings. Therefore we have improved the process of recording and running the activities. When enabled, the extension defines the recording method automatically. To run the processes recorded by this method, the extension must be installed on the virtual machine with a bot.

2. We have also reshaped the activity palette. All activities are now grouped by type, activity names and images reflect their functionality. Each activity has detailed description given in tool tips.

3. You can now refer to the mini-map for better navigation.

4. A new activity Extract Table Data has been added as well as the new type of parameter Table, which allows you to recognize information for legacy applications.

5. A new Click Text activity has been added in Beta status. The activity clicks on the text you specify.

6. The target can now be edited using the process variables.

7. Log files can be found in the Designer settings.

8. The Start Application activity has been improved. The Command to start the process and Startup arguments fields can now include process parameters. Information about the launched application is displayed on the diagram, on the activity card.

9. Server availability status is displayed correctly.

10. User interface has been improved.

11. Process creating and editing has been improved.

12. Process errors are now displayed in a user-friendly way.

13. The recording mode quick menu has been rebuilt.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Switching between the recording modes doesn't lead to an app crash.

2. Task distribution has been improved. After disabling/deleting a bot, the tasks of this bot will be distributed between active bots.

3. The Set To Clipboard activity performance has been fixed.

4. The For Each Control loop is run correctly.

5. Processes that contain empty variable values of the Array type are run correctly.

6. OCR targets in the editing mode are displayed correctly.

7. The While loop parameters are now saved correctly.

8. The task scheduler displays the process run schedule correctly.

9. The Set Text Parameters tab displays the full list of variables.

10. The error leading to the parameters window closedown has been fixed.

11. A process containing the empty Recognize document activity is now saved correctly.

12. Login errors are displayed correctly.

13. The layout of the web console page containing the process versions has been improved.

14. The error of saving the target parameters of the parent element after editing the child element has been fixed.

15. The Date/Time component is now displayed correctly in the English version.

16. Interrupting a process displays the corresponding error.

17. A window for specifying parameter values now displays the type of a variable when running a process.

18. Designer settings are now displayed in the modal window.

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