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Release 1.1.5

New options are available:

1. Activities for recognizing lists and tables have been added. These activities allow you to read interface data to the Array and Table type variables.

2. Now you can select the way the cursor moves during the process run: with or without animation.

3. You can now create default values for the Array type parameters.

4. The pages of the server administration console now have the same design: a window of creating RPA tasks, a page with a list of bots, the Scheduler tab.

5. The interface of the Recognize document activity has been improved. The settings have become more user-friendly.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Processing special symbols during the process naming have been added.

2. The Recognize document activity now has a tip.

3. The bot now runs processes with the Subprocess activity correctly.

4. The default values of the Integer and Non-integer type parameters are now saved correctly.

5. Switching between Native and OCR modes when editing activity has been fixed.

6. Sending an empty document for recognition now results in a corresponding error.

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