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Release 1.1.7

New features:

  1. We added the package of activities for working with Microsoft Excel files. Now robots can work with .xlm, .xls and .xlsx files without Microsoft Office installed. They can perform more operations. The set of activities is narrow but will be expanded soon. At the moment, it is possible to get an Excel table into an RPA process parameter and set, get, find, replace, delete cells in a file.
  2. We added a new parameter of the Structure type. It allows you to configure complex variables types such as User, Email, Contractor, and others, as well as receive, process, structure and then transfer information from external systems.
  3. The Get files from directory activity has been added. It allows you to save the location path of all files in the specified folder and use them as an array variable in an RPA process.
  4. Now you can see the Input and Output types of parameters in the list of parameters without editing them.
  5. We added activities versioning. When updating ELMA RPA, in earlier recorded processes, previous activity versions are saved. If you want to use a new version of an activity, add it to the process and reconfigure it.
  6. ELMA RPA bot has been translated into English.
  7. We improved the interface. The icons of the activities reflect their functions. The behavior of modal windows on the ELMA RPA server has been improved: when clicking outside their area, they are closed; now the colors of the text and links are black and blue respectively; the colors of other elements are aligned with the ELMA palette.

Bug fixes:

  1. We fixed the status at which an RPA task correctly completed by the bot was identified as wrong by the Orchestrator.
  2. We fixed the issue when it was possible to start a task with an empty input variable of the File type.
  3. We fixed the issue with creating of a process in a user local repository if a server address is not specified.
  4. We fixed a bug where the bot didn’t perform tasks because couldn’t get a process description from the Orchestrator.
  5. Now all processes stored in the Orchestrator are displayed in the designer.
  6. We fixed the issue with saving of an RPA process in a user local repository.
  7. Blocking of a bot in the Orchestrator has been synchronized: when the bot is blocked, it immediately stops performing tasks.

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