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Release 1.1.8

New features:

  1. For compatibility with external systems when working with RPA-process parameters, you can now specify the NULL value.
  2. Now you can test the recorded activity. You can see what exactly the bot will find according to the specified parameters.
  3. Process recording when working with the ELMA RPA Web Recognizer extension in web browsers has been improved. The Internet and Native recording methods autoswitch when working with web browser dialog boxes and web pages.
  4. The bot can now automatically resume work when Windows starts.
  5. The window for creating RPA tasks in the Orchestrator is now the same as in ELMA RPA Designer.
  6. New activities for working in Microsoft Excel have been added: Get Formula and Set Color.
  7. The .xls format is now supported for working with the Excel group of activities.
  8. We added value validation for the number of attempts that a bot should make to find an interface element.
  9. Now there is automatic redirection to the activation server page when the activation key has expired.

Bug fixes:

  1. A bug was fixed that caused losing connection between a bot and RPA server.
  2. The Set Cell activity performance has been fixed.
  3. If a bot is blocked in the Orchestrator, it immediately disconnects from the server and stops performing tasks.
  4. Now, correct RPA process versions are displayed in bot task history.
  5. Process default parameters are now displayed correctly in the Orchestrator.
  6. We fixed request processing when configuring a new bot group.
  7. We fixed saving the Get files from directory activity settings.
  8. Now it is possible to create a new RPA process in the local repository when changing the Designer connection settings to RPA server.

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