New ELMA365 features / Release 09.11.2020 

Release 09.11.2020

1. Interface designer

We have added a new Interfaces section to the Adminishtration. Here you can create new widgets and pages. The widgets created by users are stored in the interface designer and can be used when configuring other widgets and pages.

2. New widgets

We have added new string template, menu with form, information box, modal window, counter, and dynamic form widgets to the system. You can now create your own reports by using the Chart and Table widgets.

3. New widget settings

You can now use new hide and read only settings when configuring widgets. Also, you can set up events on mouse enter and leave.

4. Creating a page

You can use previously created and configured templates when creating a new page.

5. Scripts. New abilities

In widgets and forms, you can write scripts on the Client or Server side. Scripts allow you to make the interface interactive, for example, open pop-up windows on mouse enter or leave.

6. Document management

We have added classic document management functions: records classification scheme and records management. Also, we configured the incoming, outgoing, and internal document flows.

7. Records classification scheme

You can now set up the records classification scheme in ELMA365. It allows you to register documents in accordance with the accepted standards of the document flow. Here you can also configure the document registration, define the document flows, automatic numbering, and where the registered documents will be stored.

8. Records management and document registration

We have added the Records management workspace where you can store all the registered documents of the company. Documents are sorted into folders based on registration settings. This allows you to keep a transparent record of documents and makes them easier to find.

9. New System objects system workspace

You can find the new system objects system workspace in the main page menu. It is designed to store information needed to work in different workspaces. By default, the «Legal entities» directory is pre-configured, here you can store the details of different legal entities of your company and use them when creating contracts, agreements, transactions, etc.

10. Updating workspaces

You can now update workspaces and synchronize the data stored in them. So, if a user has a Clients workspace configured, when installing the same workspace from ELMA365 Store, the data added by the user earlier will not disappear.

11. Workflow processes

You can now create workflow business processes related to apps. With this method, the process is built in the form of a sequential list of steps. For each step, you determine the executor, and if necessary, you can set the execution conditions.

12. Active Directory/LDAP integration

You can now configure the integration of ELMA365 with another corporate system via AD / LDAP. You can import users and custom groups, and synchronize data.

13. Custom integrations

Now you can add your own integrations with SMS and VoIP telephony services. They are downloaded as an archive and added to the general list of available integrations.

14. Updated design

We have updated the color scheme of the entire system. The user menu has also changed. We added a button for installing a mobile app and a PC app. You can log in to the mobile app directly from the user profile by scanning the QR code.