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Export and import of structures


  1. TEAM-5002 Configuration update is now available. To update a configuration, go to Administration, click Update configuration and upload the file. The file will be checked before updating:
  • If there are any errors in the configuration file, they will be listed, and import will stop.
  • If the configuration file contains any solutions that do no exist in the target company, you will see an alert saying that these solutions will be imported.
    During configuration update the conflicts are checked and displayed in the same way as when updating workspaces and solutions, and the user can interrupt or continue the update. Apart from workspaces and solutions, the following global structures are updated: organizational chart, business processes, groups, additional parameters.


  1. TEAM-12121 Setting dependencies between structures. You can now set a dependency between a solution and one or several others. Dependencies allow exporting a solutions that, for example, has links to apps and processes of another solution.
    Dependencies are set up when the solution is checked during import. Use the +Add Dependency button to do that. The set dependencies are only applied to the exported solution file. If you export the solution again later, you will need to set these dependencies one more time.
    You can set a dependency only if the referenced structure belongs to the solution. When importing or updating the solution, the system checks it for the structures that the solutions has dependencies with. If the structures are not found, import/export cannot be continued. The information about all the missing dependencies is displayed to the user.



  1. TEAM-12967 We improved how the Category and Yes/No Switch fields are displayed in tables. In editing mode, the options for selecting the field's value are displayed immediately.



  1. TEAM-10015 The author of a business process task can now be specified. For that, we added the Task author field to the settings of the Task activity. The default author is the initiator.




  1. TEAM-7285 We added reminders about upcoming events in the user calendar. Reminders can be set automatically or the user can set them manually.
    To enable automatic reminders:
  1. Go to profile settings and open the Calendar tab.
  2. Enable the Event reminders option and specify when the reminders should be sent.
    Also, the user can create any number of reminders on the event's page. These reminders are set for a particular time.




  1. TEAM-12460 When an inbox is connected in the Email workspace, it is synchronized with the Sent folder.




  1. TEAM-11880 We added an instant automatic launch of a process linked to a project plan item when the previous project plan item linked to this process by an end-start link is completed. If the previous item is a milestone or a task, it is considered completed when the task itself is completed. If the item is a process, it is considered completed when the launched process ends. If the item is a stage task, it is considered completed when all the tasks it contains are completed 100%.


Document Management


  1. TEAM-10446 The search and filter field for a hierarchical folder now shows the number of items in the folder. The items outside of the folder are not included.




  1. TEAM-13505 We added the getFolder method for ApplicationItemRef.
    It allows getting a folder from an app with folder hierarchy that the current app item is referenced to.
    The method returns information about the folder; type TFolder.


const folder = await; = folder?.name;


  1. TEAM-1460 We added the eq(null) and neq(null) operators for filtering by an “empty” or a “non empty” value for App and Arbitrary app properties.


let actors = await => i.bestFilm.eq(null)).all();


  1. TEAM-6908 For Arbitrary app properties we added filtering in TS SDK search by “eq”, “neq”, “in”, “has”, “all”. This is useful if you are developing a universal solution linked to other system items and want to quickly find data linked to a certain item.


  1. TEAM-12661 We added a method for changing the task executor in a script. Use it to:
  • assign a new executor;
  • add a comment when reassigning a task. The task is reassigned with the same due date. A comment about the reassignment is posted to the task's activity stream.


async function reassignTask(): Promise<void> {
const task = await Namespace.processes._searchTasks().where(f => f.performers.has(;
if (!task) {
throw new Error("task not found");
await task.reassign(!, "reassign test");

  1. TEAM-13032 We created a method for adding a new folder to a folder hierarchy: createFolder()

You can add a hierarchical folder:

  • in the app:

const folder = await Application.createFolder(‘name’);

  • inside another folder:

const folder = await; const childFolder = await folder.createFolder(‘name’);


Live Chats


  1. TEAM-12536 Chats are now available on the page of an app linked to the session. Users with a ChatDesk license can message in the chat. The Message History widget has been renamed to Live Chat Messages.


  1. TEAM-12830 When configuring a business process in a live chat, you can now specify the Last received message property of the Date/Time type in input variables.




  1. TEAM-4045 CRM tasks can now be reassigned and edited.


  1. TEAM-12178 Templates for CRM task names are now available in the Leads, Deals and Companies apps. Templates are created in Administration > CRM Settings > Task Name Templates. There are four tabs each for a corresponding type of task: Call, Webinar, Mail, Meeting.


  1. TEAM-12751 In the Leads and Deal pipelines you can now change the name of the New status the same as for other statuses.


  1. TEAM-13133 The progress of leads in a pipeline can now be set up: either done manually or according to a business process diagram. To do that, go to Leads > Pipeline settings, and select the appropriate option.


  1. TEAM-13422 A new directory has been added to the CRM workspace: Sales teams. Use it ot divide the sales employees into separate teams.




  1. TEAM-12658 A new type of Chart has been added: Doughnut.


  1. TEAM-12701 You can specify a Table property as a source of a Chart widget if the widget is located on a page.


  1. TEAM-12591 The widget builder can now be opened in the view-only mode. If a widget is being edited by some else, you will see a window with the Open in View Mode button. The Start Editing button is available in view mode. You will be able to start editing as soon as the other user finishes working with the widget builder.


Improved user experience

  1. TEAM-5630 Two-line text is now available for long headers in modal windows, for example, on a task form. A long header is shown completely on hover.


  1. TEAM-13016 When entering a value in a Number > Non-integer field the number of symbols in the decimal part is not limited.


  1. TEAM-12735 The email notification about a new approval task now contains information about the task's author and due date.


  1. TEAM-5936 Users can now download a file from Messages without having to first open the preview.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-11724 If hierarchical folders are opened in Kanban view, the amount in each folder is now calculated only for the items of the current folder.
  2. TEAM-7186 Notifications about new tasks on the portal now work correctly.
  3. TEAM-11585 The substitute user can now complete document approval tasks.
  4. TEAM-12507 Files can now be converted to PDF/A-1A.
  5. TEAM-13129 We added mechanics for resolving name collisions in uploaded files.
  6. TEAM-14026 We fixed the error in finding a session when sending a message to a live chat via a business process.
  7. TEAM-6679 We fixed how a missed call is displayed when received via telephony.
  8. TEAM-9161 We fixed how the filter works when going to an email page.
  9. TEAM-9870 We fixed the scroll for emails with large images.
  10. TEAM-11155 We fixed how the main page and other pages open from the Email workspace.
  11. TEAM-12757 We fixed the message counter in emails.
  12. TEAM-5835 We fixed the error in the modal window name that appeared in modules when adding a business process activity.
  13. TEAM-6965 We fixed how scripts work with tables.
  14. TEAM-10161 For business process activities in modules, we added a description for check intervals saying that the minimal interval is one minute.
  15. TEAM-11445 We fixed the error in phone number import from LDAP.
  16. TEAM-12059 User and External user fields (email, phone number) are now synced. If the email, name, phone number or user picture are edited, the data in the user profile also changes. Phone numbers of Work and Mobile types are synced, other types are ignored. When trying to link a profile to a regular user, the profile is marked as deleted and is not linked.
  17. TEAM-12186 If password policy is set up for users, it is now also applied to external portal users.
  18. TEAM-12861 The link to the portal page is now determined correctly. We added a method for portal pages: page.getUrl(absolute: bool) : string, that by default returns a "relative" url. This method is now used in the portal template. The page.url property is marked as outdated.
  19. TEAM-13881 The fetch method in response headers no longer mixes up the name and the value.
  20. TEAM-11789 If an exported workspace has a widget that uses files with css markup, browsers now upload these files without errors when importing the workspace to another company.
  21. TEAM-12953 Previously, when using the Code widget with the field display function (UI.widget.contextRow), the fields weren't always displayed when opened for the first time. Fixed.
  22. TEAM-12996 We fixed the error that appeared in field visibility when editing the app view form.
  23. TEAM-12327 When opening or completing a task in Gantt chart, notifications and messages are now posted to the activity stream of the executor, project manager and project supervisor.
  24. TEAM-11100 We fixed how app items are sorted in table view when clicking on the title.
  25. TEAM-11180 We fixed the namespaceCode error when editing app name in solution settings.
  26. TEAM-11993 We fixed the error that appeared in the Business Trips app after on-premises installation.
  27. TEAM-12291 We added a description for a data import error.
  28. TEAM-13628 We fixed the error that appeared when sending a file via the Email Notification activity.
  29. TEAM-2598 The name of downloaded document versions is now displayed correctly.
  30. TEAM-6145 We fixed the display of deleted categories when specifying a category for continuous numbering in Document Categorization > Category Settings.
  31. TEAM-7390 In CRM, we fixed the names of Email and SMS activities.
  32. TEAM-11217 We fixed the names of fields in the Store export window.
  33. TEAM-13044 We fixed the page in Leads >Web Forms.
  34. TEAM-13128 We fixed the error that appeared when loading the Process Monitor page.
  35. TEAM-13129 We fixed the error that appeared when adding a new file version.
  36. TEAM-13209 Tables are now checked for column code duplicates.
  37. TEAM-13715 We fixed the error that appeared in a process instance with set sub-processes.
  38. TEAM-13811 We fixed the multiple parameters search in Deals.
  39. TEAM-13908 In Contracts, we fixed the mapping of fields of the contract and the source app.
  40. TEAM-14117 We fixed how the Show all button was displayed on session pages in Live Chats.
  41. TEAM-14244 We updated the module to include the changes in the response format from the service upon registration.
  42. TEAM-14537 We added processing of pages and buttons when exporting or importing contracts.
  43. TEAM-11040 We improved the automatic distribution of access to a project in Project widgets.
  44. TEAM-11449 We improved the logic of processing a new email within the system.
  45. TEAM-13024 We optimized how the email list is loaded.
  46. TEAM-13203 We adjusted the Clients block in the About the Session section of a live chat.
  • For group chats, the number of participants in a session is displayed.
  • For group chats, only the first 4 participants are shown. The Show all button shows the rest.
  • For group chats, the displayed details are the name, user pic, linked app or account. Full info is shown on click.
  • We changed how the user picture is displayed in the details.
  1. TEAM-13208 We added a way to add/remove a substitute user from an approval sheet or list of informed users in the reassignList method.
  2. TEAM-13358 Previous search results in Files are now cleared.

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