New releases > ELMA365 SaaS / 2022.3



  1. TEAM-3301 In ChatDesk, operators can now start a conversation with a client. Under the My session filter, we added a new option: “New session”. It opens a window where you can specify parameters to start a new session. Characteristics:
  • Telegram. If you already have an open session with a customer, you can only go to that session, and will not be able to create a new one.
  • TelegramBot, Instagram. If you already have an open session with a customer, you can only go to that session, and will not be able to create a new one. Also, you cannot create a new session if the customer hasn’t contacted you before.
  • WhatsApp. If you already have an open session with a customer, you can only go to that session, and will not be able to create a new one. The phone number must be written with the international prefix (+ country code).
  • In Inbox you can create a new session in any given conditions. All the emails of an app item specified in Email-type fields are loaded to the list of accounts.
  1. TEAM-8563 We added integration (sending and receiving messages) with ViberBot. There are certain limitations:
  • Operators cannot initiate a session.
  • You cannot get a customer’s phone number, only customer’s id is used

External Portal

  1. TEAM-8193 We added new settings to change the design of the sign in page.


  1. TEAM-8336 It is now possible to get a User of the system from the profile of an external user via fields. = await;


This allows you to create isolated solutions with the portal as well as export them.


Business Processes

  1. TEAM-9048 The Start Process activity can now start several process instances if several app items are linked to it.


  1. TEAM-8574 We improved the performance and stability of the processes, they now work without interruptions or pauses even when the internal services are updated.



  1. Now you can edit the description and the list of attached files in standard tasks. This option is available only to the author of the task. After editing, the change will be recorded in the task’s activity stream.


Files and documents

  1. TEAM-4182 A new feature has been added that allows you to compare different versions of files, including those in Document-type apps. You can detect differences between the contents of two *doc, *docx files and create a new version of the file from the results. The display result depends on the provider for displaying and editing office documents.



  1. TEAM-7529 We added the new Linked Emails widget. It shows all the emails received in ELMA365 and linked to the current app item, in chronological order.
  2. TEAM-7534 Emails can be linked to app items. For example, to a deal, client, request, contract or any other object. All the emails linked to an app item will be shown in the widget placed on the object’s form. The apps that the emails can be linked to are specified by the administrator in Administration Email Link settings. The apps added by default are Leads and Deals. You can add up to 5 apps.
  3. TEAM-8332 Icons were added to the pages of the InboxSent, and Others folders for better navigation.
  4. TEAM-8354 We added a notification for users about new received emails, which pops up in the bottom right corner. In profile settings, in the Email section it is now possible to set up notifications about new emails for PCs and mobile devices.
  5. TEAM-8512 We added icons for the InboxSentRecycle Bin and other folders that show if a message has attachments or is marked as important.
  6. TEAM-8617 You can specify several recipients of an email.
  7. TEAM-8769 We improved the email security. A user who is not an author or recipient of an email cannot perform any actions with this email. For cases when a direct link is used, we added handling of exceptions.
  8. TEAM-8797 The queue was improved so that the emails in ELMA365 are loaded faster.
  9. TEAM-8964 If a user disconnects their inbox, all the emails that were imported into ELMA365 are deleted except for those that are linked to app items. Such emails are displayed in the Linked emails widget on the app item’s form and will remain there even when deleted.
  10. TEAM-8028 After the Call activity in a business process, the result is recorded in the activity stream. This means that you will not need to listed to call recordings (if using VoIP). Instead, all the overview of the phone call will be displayed in the comments.


ELMA365 Store

  1. TEAM-4889 In ELMA365 Store, the system administrator can not specify the compatibility of a solution with system editions. For example, a solution may be available only for On-premises in the Enterprise и Standard editions.
  2. ELMA365 sends information about the edition to ELMA365 Store.



  1. TEAM-7662 Sometimes when working with an app item’s page you need to quickly open the page of another item. We improved the user experience, and now users can return to the previously open item page with one click.
  2. TEAM-8983 Two-level cache is now used for caching app descriptions.



  1. TEAM-7370 In widget builder (for user pages and app forms) we added the Debug button for debugging a widget prior to publishing it.


Improved user experience

  1. TEAM-8123 Added automatic resynchronization of the client cache in case of errors. This means that if during operation the system sees that the cached data in the browser has diverged from the current data on the server, the cache in the browser is reset and filled again. Among such cached data may be: a list of pages (menu), app descriptions (structure), users, substitutions.


Bugs fixed

  1. TEAM-8061 The portal navigation widget was fixed.
  2. TEAM-7592 Fixed how _searchTasks()works.
  3. TEAM-8641 We deleted dynamic binding from the list of widgets on standard forms.
  4. TEAM-1422 We fixed the error that appeared when deleting a folder in document categorization.
  5. TEAM-7561 Approval tasks are now correctly displayed in the calendar.
  6. TEAM-8340 The signature status widget is now hidden correctly.
  7. TEAM-8385 The < (less than) operator now works correctly in conditions.
  8. TEAM-8990 We fixed the generation in a cycle in apps.
  9. TEAM-9029 We fixed adding a field into a contract.
  10.  TEAM-2003 Missed calls in Zadarma are now correctly displayed in the counter of missed calls in the system interface.
  11.  TEAM-5768 When interrupting a process for a deleted app item with configured statuses, all the process instances connected to the deleted item are interrupted. The item’s status changes to the required one.
  12.  TEAM-6667 When there is an incoming call, the contact’s page is created correctly, a contact created manually is identified.
  13.  TEAM-7457 In a business process, in the Await Status activity, all the statuses of the Deals app are available in the Await status field.The statuses are also grouped by pipeline.
  14.  TEAM-8709 We fixed the behaviour of a sent email: the Subject and To fields are now checked. We also added autofocus for the Subject field when creating a new email.
  15.  TEAM-8780 We added the Copy field for specifying additional email addresses. An email created in ELMA365 is sent to all the addresses specified in the To an Copy fields.
  16.  TEAM-8875 We fixed the error that appeared when updating email settings.
  17.  TEAM-8884 Emails marked as Important are now displayed in the Important folder.
  18.  TEAM-5165 Information about a substitution is now displayed correctly.
  19.  TEAM-5740 We fixed the error that appeared when creating an event in a channel.
  20.  TEAM-5787 A pinned filter no longer erases the link to filtered data.
  21.  TEAM-6016 In the desktop app, the counter in the calendar now works correctly for new tasks and events.
  22.  TEAM-6074 We fixed how deleted apps are displayed in the recycle bin.
  23.  TEAM-6363 We fixed how workspace groups are displayed in other workspaces when combined in a solution.
  24.  TEAM-6467 Completed events in the calendar apps are now crossed out.
  25.  TEAM-6786 We fixed sorting tasks by Name/Type.
  26.  TEAM-7266 Filters now work correctly after workspace update, import, or export.
  27.  TEAM-7597 We fixed how deleted table columns are displayed.
  28.  TEAM-7943 Task start date can now be rescheduled correctly.
  29.  TEAM-8372 We fixed the API for status history search.
  30.  TEAM-8379 We fixed the complex password option.
  31.  TEAM-8630 We fixed the display of exceptions (days off) in the calendar.
  32.  TEAM-8712 The /guard/login method now returns the correct result when the Content-type header contains charset.
  33.  TEAM-8976 An on-premises instance under 1 thousand streams in a meeting script now works correctly.
  34.  TEAM-8995 We fixed the error that appeared when creating an Event app item.
  35.  TEAM-9032 App item settings are now saved correctly.
  36.  TEAM-8635 Text on the portal registration page is now displayed correctly.
  37.  TEAM-7828 We fixed the naming of files added to the app item creation from.
  38.  TEAM-8814 We fixed how the parallel gateway works.
  39.  TEAM-8821 Data export error fixed.
  40.  TEAM-9192 We fixed the error that appeared when opening an approval task.
  41.  TEAM-8074 Before, a person assigned to a lead wasn’t able to change the lead’s status if the access in the app was configured for app items. We fixed this behavior.
  42.  TEAM-8581 We fixed the behaviour when editing email settings. When a user edits the login and password of a connected account, the system sees it as disconnecting the old account and connecting a new one. Therefore, the previously loaded messaged will be deleted when the account is disconnected, and the last 50 messages from the new account will be displayed.
  43. TEAM-8644 Emails are now loaded faster when scrolling.

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