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Document Registration

Registration helps manage documents of a company by giving a document its own registration number.


When configuring registration, you can set up:

начало примера

Example of continuous numbering.

The Incoming Documents workspace can store such apps as incoming mail, invoices, and delivery notes. With continuous numbering, all the documents of this workspace are numbered regardless of the app that they belong to. For example, an incoming letter can be registered as No.1, and then an invoice will be registered as No.2.

Example of numbering within an app.

You can set up registration for each app individually. In this case, each app in a workspace will have its own registration settings (increment, number format, etc). For example, Invoice items will be registered as Invoice No.__from, whereas letters will be registered as 1, 2 and so on.

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How to set up registration

начало внимание

  • Registration is available only for apps of the document type.
  • Only users included in the Administrators group can configure registration settings.

конец внимание

To set up registration, click the gear icon __________.png next to an app's name and select Registration.


Check the Enable registration box.


You will see registration settings.

Select how you want the document number to be created:

  • From a template – the registration number will be created according to the specified template settings.
  • Manually – users will be able to enter a number manually when registering a document.


Creating a registration number from a template


There are certain settings for generating registration numbers from a template:

  • Counter – a set of rules for creating the document number. Counters can be configured within an app or a workspace.
  • Number template – the default template for document registration numbers is the {$_index} variable. It stores the contents of the Index field. You can add more symbols and text to the template, for example, Incoming Doc. N {$_index}.

  • Allow reserving reg. number – you can assign a number to a document before it is actually registered.
    • Reserve when creating – when a document is created, a registration number will be automatically assigned to it.
  • Allow editing number after registration – users will be able to change the number of the registered document later on.

Creating a registration number manually


If you choose to create registration numbers manually, the following settings become available:

  • in any format – when registering document, users will be able to specify the registration number in any format.
  • use mask – you can specify a limited number of symbols that can be used in a registration number by using the following values:
    • *** - any symbol;
    • 999 - only numbers from 0 to 9.

In a mask, you can also specify the static part of the registration number. For example, in "Incoming doc. No. ***", Incoming doc. No. is the static part of the number that the users cannot change, and *** is the permitted number of symbols in the number.

  • Allow editing number after registration – users will be able to change the number of the registered document later on.