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System notification settings


Administrators can configure the settings of pop-up notifications that will be applied by default to all users in the system.

начало внимание

Each user can select his or her personal notification settings that will be different from the default settings. Read more about it in the Personal notification settings article.

конец внимание

To set up notifications for system pages, in the left menu open Administration > Notifications.

ns 3.png

Select one of the options:


  • All events. If you select this option, users will receive pop-up notifications about all events in the system. When somebody shares news in a channel, writes a personal message, or completes a task, users will see a pop‑up window in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Personal events. If you select this option, users will receive notifications when another user @mentions their name in a message, task, or calendar event.
  • Do not notify. Users will not receive any pop-up notifications about new events in the Messages workspace even if another user @mentions them.
  • Change mobile app settings. Notification settings for mobile devices can be different from the ones you set for the PC version. For example, you can enable only notifications with @mentions on mobile phones. To do that, check this box and then select the required option from the list.

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