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ELMA RPA Standard or Enterprise edition is required.

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ELMA RPA Bot is software installed on any machine. The main program function is running processes according to the tasks received from the Orchestrator and forming an execution results report. Read more about working with Orchestrator in the Orchestrator article.

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You can only work with a bot after connecting to the Orchestrator.

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Connecting a bot

After starting the program, a window is displayed. Enter the server address as <server_address>:<port> and the bot name.


To check the sever availability, click 79. If the connection is established, the icon will change to 80. Click Log in. If the connection failed, a  corresponding notification will appear.

For the bot to perform a task, it must be connected to the Orchestrator and have the Allowed status. To allow the connection, a user must have the Administrator role. When connecting for the first time, a notification about the new bot appears displaying the bot ID and the registration request. If you are Administrator, log in the Orchestrator, go to the Bots section, to the Request tab, open the bot page and click Allow. Read more about managing  bots in the Orchestrator article.

A connected bot can be run by all the users that have access to the virtual machine with the bot.

If the bot didn’t get the administrator permission or was blocked, a corresponding notification will be displayed in the waiting for authentication  window.

If you need to change the connection server address, click Disconnect. The waiting for authorization window will be closed, and you will see the connection window.


Working with a  bot

After authorization, you will see a window displaying the bot name, version, and status. The bot may have the following statuses:

Not connected — the bot is connected to the Orchestrator, but is not performing tasks at the moment, or an error occurred when connecting the bot;

Waiting for tasks — the bot is waiting for the tasks from the Orchestrator or the bot was blocked and is waiting for the administrator permission.


The top panel displays buttons for changing the server address (81), changing the settings (82), and closing the bot window (83).

For the bot to perform a task, click Run. Its status will change and it will be ready to receive tasks.

For the bot to stop executing a process, click Stop.

Bot settings

To open the bot settings, click 82. In the window that opens, fill in the fields and click Apply.


Language. The bot interface language. You can choose Russian or English.

Automatic launch. You can configure the bot to load automatically on Windows startup. To do this, check the Automatic bot launch at Windows start box. It may be required if Windows was terminated while the bot was performing tasks. To enable the bot to execute tasks immediately after Windows starts, check the "Waiting for a task" status at start box. If you want to prevent Windows from going to sleep mode when the bot is running, check the Do not lock the system box.

Main window. Select options that will be displayed in the bot main window: Task history and Log.

Running. Set the process running options:

  • If the Indicate running box is checked, you will see a green frame and the 84 icon in the running mode;
  • If the Animate clicks box is checked, the mouse clicks will be shown as green circles.

Interrupt process. Set the key combinations that will stop the process run during execution.

Bot version. The current version of the bot.

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