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Creating a task

If you want to schedule a new process launch and create an entry in the scheduler, click on the create-task-1button in the top panel.

In the window that opens, fill in the fields and click Save.


Timer settings

In this section, you can schedule the execution time of the RPA process task, as well as set a repeat cycle.

Name *. Enter the name of the task.

Description. Enter additional information about the scheduled task.

Date and time *. Select the start and end date within which the process will run. When you start entering a value, a window with a calendar will appear. To delete the date and time, click on the create-task-3 button.

Repeat. Check this box if you want the task to repeat. 

If you want the process to run only on the specified day, do not check the box.

If you have set a repeat cycle of the process, then it becomes possible to choose how often this happens:

  • Days. Specify in how many days the process will repeat.
  • Weeks. Specify how many weeks the process will repeat. In addition, you can select particular days of the week on which the process will run, or specify All days using the checkbox.
  • Months. Specify on which day of the month the process will repeat. You can also select particular months, or check the box for All months.
  • Many times. Check this box if you want the process to run multiple times.

Periodicity *. Specify the delay between launches.

If you set the process to be launched multiple times, specify how often it should be done. Also, specify the exact period of time.

If you do not schedule multiple launches, the process will run at the specified time each time until the end of the task, which is set in the Date and Time field. Determine the start time for the process.

Example of timer settings


In this section, add information about the scheduled process, and set the priority of the task.

Process *. Select the process you want to schedule from the list.

Priority. Indicate how important the task is: high, medium, or low.

After you have selected a process, process execution settings will appear. Specify the variable values of the Input scope. They are unique to each particular process. Read more about variables in the Process context article.

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