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ELMA RPA Designer Home page

Home page is the ELMA RPA Designer starting page that opens at its launch or by clicking on the ELMA RPA logo.

The view of the home page depends on the mode you are working in.

Basic mode

While working in the basic mode of ELMA RPA Designer you can configure processes only on your local computer. The processes you create are displayed as a list in the local tab.

The control panel contains buttons for creating a process and configuring the ELMA RPA Designer.


Advanced mode

Advanced mode is available after connecting to the Orchestrator. In this mode you can work with local, personal, and public processes.


The server stores personal and public processes:

  • personal processes are created by the current user;
  • public processes are all Orchestrator processes available for use. These are the processes created by you and other users.

Personal, public and local processes differ in actions you can perform with these processes (publishing, copying, etc.).

Processes are displayed on the corresponding tabs of the home page.

In addition to the buttons available in the basic mode, the control panel displays the current user data (full name and email) and a button for logging out of the account.

Read more about the advanced mode in the Advanced mode article.

Sorting data in tables

The process lists are displayed as tables. You can sort the processes in ascending or descending order. To sort the data, click on the column name. Click again to change the sorting type, once more to reset the order.

To update the table, click the 38 button.

Processes search

You can search for processes by their name. To do this, go to the required tab and start entering a name in the search bar. The search results will immediately be displayed in the table. The search is performed only in the current tab.

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