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Designer settings

You can change the ELMA RPA Designer operating mode, change the interface language, adjust the Inspector window transparency, edit the process recording and running settings, and view the shortcuts. To do this, click the 32 button on the Designer control panel.


General Settings

In the Current server version field, the current system version is displayed. You can view the lists of changes for various system versions by clicking on the 76 icon.

In the Select language field, you can select the ELMA RPA Designer interface language: Russian or English.

In the Application mode field, you can enable the ELMA RPA Designer advanced mode, where Orchestrator is available. To do this, check the Advanced mode box. In the field that appears, enter the address of the Orchestrator (ELMA RPA server).

By default, the advanced mode is disabled. In that case, all the created processes are stored on the user's computer and are available for local running only, you cannot run them from the Orchestrator. Read more about these processes in the Local tab article.

Interface Parameters

In this section, you can configure the look of the Inspector window that appears during the process recording. To make this window transparent, check the box.

Recording and Playback

In this section, you can configure the display mode of recording and running a process.

Recording settings. If the Recording Indication box is checked, a red frame and the caption REC in the top left corner appear when recording a process. The caption prompts the user that recording is in progress.

Play settings:

  • If the Playback Indication box is checked, a green frame and the caption PLAY in the top left corner appear.
  • If the Click Animation box is checked, a mouse click is indicated with a green dot.

Hot Keys

In this section, you can change the default key combinations to stop the process execution (Ctrl+Alt+b) and call the radial menu during the recording (Ctrl+Alt+q). To do this, select the default combination in the box and press the new key combination.

Browser extension

In this section, you can find download links to install ELMA RPA Web Recognizer to different browsers.

Log files

Here you can open the process log files.

To save settings, click the Save button on the ELMA RPA Designer control panel.

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