ELMA RPA Designer

ELMA RPA Designer is software installed on a user computer allowing to model and edit processes and publish them in the Orchestrator.

You can work with Designer in two modes:

  • Basic. Allows you to create, edit, and run processes on your PC. These processes are stored locally at ../<system files folder>/Users/%Username%/AppData/Local/ELMA_RPA and are displayed in the local tab.
  • Advanced. Allows you to connect to the Orchestrator and publish processes. You can work not only with your processes (personal tab) but also with processes created and published by other users (public tab). Read more about the advanced mode in the Advanced mode article.

начало внимание

The ELMA RPA Designer modes differ only in the ability to publish processes in the Orchestrator. The process modeling functions and the available activities are identical.

конец внимание

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