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ELMA RPA system update

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ELMA RPA Standard or Enterprise edition is required.

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ELMA RPA system is constantly being improved. Let's look at how to update the system components.

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ELMA RPA system can only work with the same versions of the ELMA RPA Designer, bot, and server. Working with different versions may lead to system errors.

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ELMA RPA Bot and Designer update

To update ELMA RPA Designer and Bot, install the new versions of these programs. You can download the latest versions from the ELMA profile.

ELMA RPA update (illustrated on Windows)

To update the ELMA RPA server, perform the following steps.

Step 1. Stop the running server using the following command:

docker-compose down

server update

Step 2. To see the previously downloaded server images from Docker, run the following command:

docker images

server update 1

After that, delete the images.

Images to delete:

  • rpa-server_front_web_host;
  • rpa-server_rpa_web_grpc;
  • rpa-sever_rpa_orcherstra;
  • rpa-server_rpa_repository.

To do this, run the following command specifying the required images id:

docker rmi <webhost ID> <webgrpc ID> <orchestra ID> <repository ID>

Step 3. Unpack the files from the archive containing the new ELMA RPA server version and copy them to the folder containing the server location.

Step 4. To start the updated server, run the following command:

docker-compose –f .\docker-compose.windows.yml up

server update 2

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