RPA (Robotic process automation) is a technology that allows you to automate business processes. Unlike classic process automation, it uses methods that allow you to record and accurately perform interactions between various third-party programs using their graphical interface.

Using the server-robot connection, the system allows you to manage processes, their execution queue, and differentiate between bot rights to run processes.

ELMA RPA Contents

ELMA RPA platform consists of:

  • ELMA RPA Designer. Software installed on user PCs that provides a convenient interface for processes modeling and local execution;
  • Orchestrator (ELMA RPA server). Allows you to centrally manage the system, plan, and track the execution of the tasks. Before start working with the Orchestrator, you have to activate it;
  • ELMA RPA Bot. A software robot that enables automated process execution on any machine.

Schematically, the ELMA RPA platform looks like this:


ELMA RPA system is a standalone product that does not require any other ELMA products to operate. Seamless integration with ELMA365 allows you to get a united data context that bots can use when executing processes. As a standalone product, ELMA RPA can be integrated not only with ELMA365 but also with any other system by using an external API. It allows you to implement robotic automation into any other products, including CRM, EPR, ECM, BI, PM systems of other companies, and even the systems developed by yourself.

ELMA RPA editions

There are three ELMA RPA editions that differ in the supported features:

  • Enterprise. Allows you to work with ELMA RPA Designer, Orchestrator, and a bot. The number of provided bots is not limited;
  • Standard. This edition is similar to the ELMA RPA Enterprise by its functionality and capabilities. However, it provides a limited number of bots. Each bot is purchased separately. If necessary, you can easily upgrade to the ELMA RPA Enterprise edition without reinstalling;
  • Lite. Allows you to work with ELMA RPA Designer only. You can configure and run processes on the local PC by yourself. After purchasing Standard or Enterprise editions of the system, you will be able to work with all the previously recorded processes in the Orchestrator.

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