Execution flow

Execution flow allows managing the sequence of process actions. To set the conditions and action execution order, you can use transitions, escalation, XOR gateway, and loops.

Creating a transition

Activities are performed in the sequence they are placed in the diagram. However, in some cases, the bot needs to first finish one branch, and then start an activity in another one. This is where we use transitions.

To set a transition:

  1. Select the starting activity for the transition and click on the 44 button.
  2. You will see a notification asking you to select an activity the transition will lead to. Click on the required activity.
  3. After that, the GO-TO button button will be displayed on the activity with the outgoing transition. When you click it, the connected activities will be highlighted.

To delete the transition, hover over the GO-TO button and click on the 27 icon that appears.

activity with transition

Example of using transition

Creating escalation

Escalation is an automatic exit from an operation in case of errors in the activity performance.

To create an escalation, select an activity and click the 33 button. A second transition from the selected activity will be created, and you will be able to set the sequence of actions for it. The process will take the second transition in case of errors during the activity performance. To delete an escalation, click the 47 button.

Read more about XOR gateway and loops in the corresponding articles.

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