Get OCR Text

The Get OCR Text activity extracts a text from the interface elements using the OCR (optical character recognition) and saves it to the process context variables

The bot interprets the screen area as am image and then uses the recognition tools to extract text.

We recommend using OCR when other ways of getting data from the interface elements are not applicable (for example, when working with RDP or outdated programs). The method is more complex and the recognition takes more time. The result depends on a quality of the recognized image (the font size and type, language, contrast ratio etc.). 

Activity settings

Activity settings are configured automatically when recording a process.

начало внимание

The activity cannot be used if the process does not contain at least one context variable.

конец внимание

1. In the recording mode, hover the cursor over the recognition area and call the radial menu by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Q combination, which is set by default. You can change this combination in the designer settings.


2. Click on the 70 icon and select the screen area that contains the text you need to recognize. You can select several areas at once.

3. Select the context variable the extracted text will be stored in. You can also create a new variable by clicking the Create variable button. To deselect, click on the 71 icon.


4. After selecting the variables, click Set.

5. The recognized text is now stored in the process variable and can be displayed by inserting the values of the variables.

After saving the process, the Get OCR Text activity will be added to the process diagram.

You can change the configured settings if you need. To open the settings window, click on the activity on the process diagram.

Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab displays the basic activity parameters:


  • Name. The activity name on the process diagram. Its name is set by default when adding the activity. You can change the name in this field.

Target Block

  • Edit areas. Add new areas for OCR. To do this, click on the screenshot. In the opened window, use the frame to select an interface element containing the text you need to extract. Then set a process variable the text should be saved to. You can select it from the list of all process variables or add a new one by clicking Create Parameter.

To delete a variable, click the delete button icon.

You can scale the image by the zoom slider in the upper left corner.

To apply the changes, click the Ok button.

  • Coordinates. Specify the context variable the extracted text is saved to and a rectangle area for the text search. The search area is set by the coordinates, which are defined by the two points: the top left (x, y) and the lower right corner (x, y). To delete the recognition area, click the Delete area button.

The text recognition area is displayed in the screenshot.

  • Search method. Select the search method for the element, from which the recognition areas are calculated.

Other settings are similar to the target and control settings. Read more about the target and control parameters in the Basic activity settings principles article.

Conditions Tab

Read more about the Conditions tab in the Basic activity settings principles article.

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