The Group element allows you to combine several activities on the process diagram.

You can use groups in long processes for easier navigation. For example, you can join activities of different process parts (starting an application, opening a list of objects, creating a document, closing an application).

Group settings

To set an element, drag it from the Palette tab to the activity you need to set a group after. Add activities inside this element.

Then click on the element on the process diagram to open the settings window. It appears on the right. The settings are configured on the Parameters and Conditions tabs.

Parameters Tab

On this tab, you can set the element name on the process diagram.

Conditions Tab

Read more about the Conditions tab in the Basic activity settings principles article.

Actions with group

On this tab, you can:

1. Run the activities combined into a group ( 51 ).

2. Create escalation ( 33 ). Read more about escalation in the Execution flow article.

3. Collapse/expand the group ( collapse button / expand button ) to make working with the process diagram easier.

4. Delete activity group ( 48 ).

Inside the group, you can run a specific activity or delete it.

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