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Integration points with external systems

You can integrate ELMA RPA with any system via an external API.

For example, the ELMA family products have built-in modules for a seamless integration with ELMA RPA.


Configuring the interaction between ELMA RPA and other ELMA systems consists of three steps:

  1. Registration of ELMA BPM in ELMA RPA and generation of interaction tokens.
  2. Integration of ELMA BPM processes in ELMA RPA. You can save the context of ELMA processes in ELMA RPA. Thus, when creating a new RPA process, you can create the context based on the BPM process context.
  3. Setting tasks for running an RPA process. As a result, the RPA process is executed, its context is saved into ELMA BPM.


This diagram illustrates the interaction between ELMA RPA and external systems. The interaction order is similar to the example above, but in this case the user cannot create an RPA process based on the context of an external system without additional modules.


There are four stages of the interaction between ELMA RPA and external systems:

  1. The external system sends registration data to the RPA server.
  2. The external system requests a permission to register.
  3. ELMA RPA administrator allows registration in the administration console.
  4. The external system creates tasks for a bot, gets a status of process execution and a list of processes, uploads process templates.

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