Key Combination

The Key Combination activity simulates pressing one or several keys. The keys cannot repeat. This activity can be used for copying (Ctrl+C) and pasting (Ctrl+V) values or saving changes (Ctrl+S) in text editors. You can also move between app tabs using the Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab combinations.

Activity settings

Activity settings are configured automatically when recording a process.

Call the radial menu in the recording mode pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Q combination, which is set by default.  You can change this combination in the designer settings.

After that, click the 74 icon and fill in the fields.

key combination

  • Modifier Key. Select the keys required to press. If you want to delete a key, click the 15 button.
  • Repeat. The number of presses to the selected keys. For example, if you want to switch to another field on the form you can use the Tab key. It will be pressed several times until the required field is reached.

After saving the process, the Key Combination activity will be added to the process diagram.

You can change the configured settings if you need. To open the settings window, click on the activity on the process diagram.

Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab displays the basic activity parameters:

press key parameters

  • Name. The activity name on the process diagram. Its name is set by default when adding the activity. You can change the name in this field.

The fields Modifier key and Repeat are filled in the same way as in the recording mode.

Conditions Tab

Read more about the Conditions tab in the Basic activity settings principles article.

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