ELMA RPA / Known Issues

Known Issues

This article describes uncommon situations you may encounter when working with ELMA RPA, as well as the possible resolutions.

Target search

Issue description: Incorrect target search with an installed overlay

Resolution: When installing drivers for some video adapters you may encounter difficulties with the target search. This is typical for video adapters with their own overlay, for example, NVIDIA GeForce Experience. The issue can be solved by disabling the overlay.

Keyboard layout determination

Issue description: Incorrect determination of the keyboard layout when recording a process

Resolution: When working with a command line in the recording mode, you may encounter incorrect determination of the keyboard layout in case the layout was changed during the process. In such cases we recommend you to enter the value manually.

Process recording

Issue description: Incorrect process recording with the launched programs that require administrator rights

Resolution: We do not recommend you to run programs that require administrator rights using the key combinations when recording a process. In such cases activities may be recorded with additional modifier keys. If you do need to start such programs, we recommend you to run ELMA RPA Designer as administrator.

Element highlight

Issue description: Incorrect highlighting of the elements when recording a process

Resolution: Highlighting when recording a process may not be seen because it is rendered on the background. This is a visual bug due to rendering features of some programs like the Windows Start menu.

Process run

Issue description: Incorrect process run when scaling the screen

Resolution: After scaling the screen you may encounter incorrect cursor moving when recording and running a process. This is due to the fact that the interface layout and icons size are changed. To avoid this issue, we recommend you to use 100% scaling when recording and running processes.


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