Personal tab

The Personal tab displays:

  • the processes created by the current authorized user;
  • the processes copied from the publiс tab for editing.

начало внимание

Working with this tab is only available in the advanced mode after logging into the ELMA RPA Designer.

конец внимание

These processes are stored in the personal server storage. The folder storing them is specified in the settings.json file that is kept at .../<system files drive>/Users/%Username%/AppData/Local/ELMA_RPA/ config/repository. They can be run only by the user who created them.


Actions with processes

On this tab you can:

  1. Upload processes from your computer. To do this, click the Load process button to the right of the tab's name and upload a .zip file.
  2. Run a process locally on your computer. To do this, click the 51 button to the left of the process name.

Process context menu

There is a context menu button 24 next to the date and time of each process update that allows you to perform the following actions:


  • Publish. Publishing a process. Read more about process publishing  in the Process publishing article.
  • Save to disk. Saving a process to the user PC in .json format.
  • Edit. Editing a process. You can also edit a process by clicking on its name.
  • Delete. Deleting a process.

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