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Process publishing

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ELMA RPA Standard or Enterprise edition is required.

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Process publishing is creating or updating the process model from the personal server storage.

To start working with a new process or change the existing one, you need to publish it. If you make changes to the published process, you create its new version. Read more about changing the published process in the Public tab article.

When running a process, the Orchestrator uses the last published version. It allows running the process on PCs of other users. Read more about working with the Orchestrator in the Orchestrator section.

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Process publishing is only available in the advanced mode of ELMA RPA Designer.

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You can publish a process on the Personal tab. Open the context menu of the required process and select Publish.


After that, you will see a notification window about creating a new version of the process. Confirm publishing.

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Publishing a new process version may result in performance errors.

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