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Running a process from ELMA RPA Designer

You can test a process by running it on your computer.

There are several ways to run a process in ELMA RPA Designer:

  • click the Run button on the control panel of ELMA RPA Designer process page;
  • click the 51 button to the left of the process name on the personal or the local tab.
  • press the key combination Ctrl+P.

After that, confirm the process running. In the window that appears you can set the process execution parameters. To do this, specify the Input scope of variables.


If you specified an array when creating the variable, its elements will be displayed on the form. You can also change the set of elements, as well as their default values. Read more about variables and arrays in the Process context article.

начало внимание

If you don't specify the variables of the Input scope, it will be impossible to configure the process simulation parameters in the confirmation box.

конец внимание

The recorded sequence of actions will be played back on the user computer. A green frame and the caption PLAY in the top left corner will appear. A mouse click is indicated by a green dot.

You can change the simulation mode display in the ELMA RPA Designer settings.

Running individual activities

You can run both the entire recorded sequence of actions and a specific activity.

To run an individual activity, select it and click the 51 button.

In order to run several activities:

  1. Click on the activity you want to start with.
  2. Select the other activities while holding the Ctrl key.
  3. Click the 51 button next to the first activity.

The activities can be selected in any order even if they are not placed consecutively.

After the execution is finished, you will see the data that was received as the process result. These are the last values the variables received when running the process or the selected activity.

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