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ELMA RPA Standard or Enterprise edition is required.

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The Processes section contains processes, modeled and published in ELMA RPA Designer. Read more about publishing a process in the Process publishing article.

The page displays the process name, its description (if any), as well as the groups of users and bots that have access to the process. Read more about groups in the Groups article.


To view information about the current process version, click on the 13 button. The process author name will appear, as well as the current version number and its date and time.

The process page

You can view the process data in the process card. To open it, click on the process name. In the card, you can see information about the process current version and specify the groups of users and bots having access to this process.

With the Active checkbox you can specify whether or not tasks can be created for this process. If the box is not checked, you will not be able to create a task for this process. Read more about creating tasks in the Creating a task article.

process card

A separate block displays tables with process versions and process tasks.

The tables may be customized:

    • the Number field indicates the rows per page;
    • 38 button allows updating the table data;
    • you can sort data in ascending or descending order. To do this, click the sort-icon icon. Click once again to change the sorting order.

Depending on the current tab, you can search for process versions by the process name or search for tasks by the bot name. Start entering a name in the search bar. The search results will immediately be displayed in the table.

Versions Tab

The Versions tab displays the version number, the process name, description, author, as well as the version publication date and time.

Tasks Tab

The Tasks tab displays the task ID, its status, the bot performing it, the external system that set the task, the process version number the task is executed for, as well as the task creation date and time. You can view the log to see the detailed task information (31).

process tasks

Process search

You can search for a process by its name in the Processes section page. Start typing the name in the search bar. The search results will immediately be displayed in the table.

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