Public tab

The Public tab displays a list of all published processes stored in the public server storage. These are not only your processes but also the processes created and published by other users. These processes are run from the Orchestrator. A request to run them is created in the tasks section.

These processes are stored in the public server storage. The folder storing them is specified in the settings.json file that is kept at .../<system files drive>/Users/%Username%/AppData/Local/ELMA_RPA/ config/repository. They can be run by all users.

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Working with this tab is only available in the advanced mode after logging into the ELMA RPA Designer.

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Editing a public process

You can create a personal version of the public process.

Since these processes are stored in the public server storage, you cannot edit a process directly. If you need to edit a published process, create its copy, which will be added to the personal tab. You can also select a required process version. To do that, click the ELMARP~1_img8 button, specify the process version, and confirm the action.

Edit the process as needed and publish it so that the new version is available in the Orchestrator. Read more about this in the Process publishing article.

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Publishing a new version of a process might result in errors during the process execution.

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