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ELMA RPA Web Recognizer extension

The ELMA RPA Web Recognizer extension is required to work with the browser in ELMA RPA Designer and ELMA RPA Bot. It allows you to find the web elements as precisely as possible using the XPath language.

Install the Extension

To use the extension, you need to install it first. To do this, go to the extension download page for the selected browser in the ELMA RPA Designer settings in the Browser extension section:

  • to use the extension to work with Google Chrome, Yandex or Opera browsers, click Google Chrome;
  • to use the extension to work with the Firefox browser, click Firefox.

Use the Extension

After installing the extension, when working with the browser the following options are available:

  • when recording the process, the elements of the browser page are defined using the XPath language. When saving an activity, the XPath path parameter is automatically filled in its settings;
  • to search for the web elements, the Internet method is automatically used. It allows you to recognize them precisely;
  • each found element of the browser page is highlighted.

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