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Actions in the scheduler

In the Scheduler section page, you can perform the following actions.

Running process instances in front of the queue

To run a process instance in front of the queue, click scheduler-actions-1. In the window that opens you will see the process settings and process context data. Make the changes and click Save.


Editing and deleting tasks

You can edit the task and timer settings of the scheduled process, and delete the task. To go to these steps, in the string of the process, click scheduler-actions-5.

scheduler-actions-3 Edit. The settings page will open. Read more in the Creating a task article.

scheduler-actions-4 Delete.

Search and sort tasks

You can search for a task by any word of its name. Enter the name or part of it in the search bar and press Enter or click scheduler-actions-6. The search is only performed among the tasks from the current page.

Click on the column name to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

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