The Scroll activity simulates scrolling an area. For example, you have a folder with files. To reach the required file, you need to scroll and click on it. After performing the activity, you will reach the file from any place of the list. It is also convenient for scaling a web page.

Activity settings

Activity settings are configured automatically when recording a process or a particular activity. You can change them if you need. To open the settings window, click on the activity on the process diagram.

Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab displays the basic activity parameters, target parameters, and control parameters.


Basic parameters:

  • Name. The activity name on the process diagram. Its name is set by default when adding the activity. You can change the name in this field;
  • Scroll value. Indicates the size of the scrolled area. If you need to scroll the area horizontally, check the Horizontal box;
  • Modifier keys. Simulates simultaneously pressing a key (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) and a mouse button;
  • Mouse cursor mode. Select the mode the cursor will move between the elements: Without animation or With animation. After selecting the first one, the cursor will move at a standard speed. When animated, it moves between elements without a pause.

Read more about target and control parameters in the Basic activity settings principles article.

Conditions Tab

Read more about the Conditions tab in the Basic activity settings principles article.

Example of using Scroll

Scroll to find image

You can set an image for the bot to search for by scrolling the screen.

The search is set in the recording mode using the radial menu.

  1. Call the radial menu by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Q combination which is set by default. You can change this combination in the designer settings.
  2. Click the 88 icon and select a part of the image that will be used for searching.

The screen is divided into two areas:

  • active selection area;
  • inactive area (usually darker than the active).

image search

3. Select the image and click the Cut button at the bottom of the screen.

4. The action settings window will be displayed.


  • Activity type. Select activity: Click, Double Click, Scroll, Hover; Select Scroll;
  • Mouse button. Select mouse button (left, middle, right) to perform activity;
  • Modifier keys. Allows simulating the button press (Control, Shift, or Alt) simultaneously with the button for secondary action performance. Click the 15 button to delete the key.

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