Sort table

The Sort table activity allows you to sort data by values in columns when working with tables. For example, the first column contains names of people, the second contains dates of birth. It is possible to sort data only by one column. If you configure sorting by the first column, the names will be listed in alphabetical order. If you configure sorting only by the second column, the data will be displayed in ascending or descending order according to the date of birth. If you specify both columns, the data will be sorted by the values of these two columns.

Activity settings

To open the settings window, click on the activity on the process diagram.

Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab displays the basic activity parameters.


Name. The activity name on the process diagram. Its name is set by default when adding the activity. You can change the name in this field.

Parameter. A variable that will store the table you want to sort the data in. You can select the variable from the list or create a new one by clicking the add-button button. This field supports only the Table type variables. For more information about how to create context variables, see Process context.

Column numbers. The numbers of the table columns you want to sort the data in. It is possible to specify several columns at once. When indicating the number, you can use values of the process context variables. Click on the specify-variable-icon icon and specify the variable. You can select it from the list or add a new one by clicking Create parameter. This field supports only the String type variables. The value is inserted as {$variable name}. You can fill in the field manually following this format.

Sorting order. Choose the order for sorting data: Ascending or Descending.

Conditions Tab

For more information about the Conditions tab, see Basic activity settings principles.

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