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ELMA RPA Standard or Enterprise edition is required.

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The Systems section displays the external systems integrated with ELMA RPA.

The external system must be registered in the Orchestrator. For this, a token is used. Using the token, the Orchestrator defines the particular system that can create tasks to run a process. Read more about setting integration between ELMA BPM and ELMA RPA in the "ELMA RPA and external systems" article.

All the systems are grouped by their status: Request, Allowed, or Locked.


The Request tab displays the systems waiting for the permission to be authorized in the Orchestrator. If there are any systems with this status, the corresponding notification will be displayed on the Systems page. The counter on the left menu and next to the tab name indicates the number of systems with the Request status.

The Allowed tab displays the systems that can interact with the Orchestrator, receive the list of processes and set tasks.

The Locked tab displays the systems that cannot interact with the ELMA RPA system and connect to the Orchestrator.

Each tab displays detailed information about external systems: description, IP address, UUID, the date it was created and updated, as well as the system status.

Editing an external system’s data

You can edit the data of an external system. To do this, click on the 26 icon. In the window that appears you can change the system name, its description, and status.

System search

You can use the search to quickly find the required system. Start typing its name in the search bar. The search results will immediately be displayed in the table.

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