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Task page

To open a task's page, click on its name.


General information Tab

This tab displays timer settings and process information.

The Timer settings section contains information about the name of the process, description, date and time when the process starts and ends, whether and how often the process repeats.

The Task section displays the name of the scheduled process, its priority, and unique settings that depend on the context of the process.

You can edit the task. To do this, click task-page-2 in the upper right corner. On the page that opens, make changes to the settings and click Save. Read more about these settings in the Creating a task article.

To delete a task, click on the task-page-3 icon.

Completed tasks Tab

This tab displays information about process launches.


The table provides the following information:

  • task ID;
  • the name of the process in which the task was performed;
  • date and time when the process instance started and ended;
  • process version;
  • task status: Completed, In progress, In queue, or Completed with error;
  • date and time the task was created;
  • log, which displays all the information about the task. To view it, click on the task-page-5icon.

To sort data by the value of one of the columns, click on its heading.

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