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Edit app item

clip0050 With the Edit app item step, you can automatically edit app items in the course of a business process. For instance, you can add a file to a document's page, edit the total amount in a purchase order, change a customer's shipping address, or change the date of a supplemental agreement. 

Using Edit app item

For illustration, let’s take a look at the Orders app. When an employee creates a new order, they send all necessary details for approval. The new app item Order is created. This app item has all entered details except for the Deadline field. It has to be entered later. As soon as the order is approved, the specialist determines the deadline, and the system automatically adds the time value into the app item.

Setting up Edit app item

On the process page, click + Add step and select the Edit app item type.


Hover the mouse over the step number and click clip0051 to open the settings.

Read more about the Edit app item step configuration in this article.


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