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Transition to step

clip0046 Transitions define the order of steps and events in the process. By default, the process steps are executed in an order you create them. You can change the order in two ways: by creating a Transition to step step or by clicking the + Transition button.


Transition to step as a separate step is quite useful when you need to create a condition for a transition. For example, if the order involves a big sum of money, you will need the additional approval of the CEO. If the order doesn’t involve a lot of money, the applicant will receive the needed sum right away. In this case, you need to create the Transition to step step and set up the Additional approval condition. Read more about the conditions in this article.

If the transition does not require any conditions, you can click the + Transition button.

To create a transition, create a new step by clicking + Add step, select the Transition to step type or click + Transition.


In the settings window select a step to go to.


Using transitions

Let’s take a look at the Order processing example.


The order is formed in the Sales department, then the Warehouse receives a task to assemble it. After that, the process will go one path or another depending on the delivery method: courier delivery or customer pickup.

Please note that step 3 has a condition. The picture below shows its configuration:


If the condition is met, the process goes to step 5 and sends a message to the client. Then, the warehouse workers will receive the Await pickup task.

If the client selects the courier delivery, the Sales department receives the Deliver order task. In this case, the client notification and Await pickup task are not needed. After the Deliver order task is issued, the process moves on to step 6. You do not need a condition here, so the Transition to step is not necessary.

As a result, the order will be completed with any delivery condition, and the Sales department will receive a notification.

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