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clip0045 A Script is a TypeScript code that allows you to access business process data, create, query, modify and delete app items, as well as exchange data with external systems using the HTTP protocol.

Suppose a company has an order created by a manager and executed by the shop assistants or warehouse workers depending on the condition. The shop assistants and warehouse workers do not have the rights to change the order details. After the execution, they need to attach signed contract for service. To make it possible, add the Attach contract script.


How to add Script to the process

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can manage Script settings.

конец внимание

On the process page click + Add step and select the Script step type.

Hover the mouse over the step number and click on the gear icon. The window that opens has two tabs: General and Error Handling.

Read more about scripts in this article.


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