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Start process

clip0043 The Start Process step is used to decompose a process diagram and increase its readability. It allows you to call a subprocess within the parent process. Fundamentally, a subprocess is an independent business process, the functionality of which is part of a larger parent process.

For example, during the Order processing process, an Execution sub-process will be launched.

The Execution process is an independent business process, described separately. All the conditions for execution are set within the process: participants, tasks, events, etc. 

In other words, a subprocess is a complex task, within the parent process. However, it is worth noting that the Starting Process activity is not an independent task, but only a reference to another process.

You can change the subprocess without modifying the parent process.

To go to the settings window of the Start Process step, hover over the step number and click clip0044. You can change the name, set the conditions for the execution, as well as map the variables in the parent and child processes. Read more about the subprocess configuration in this article.


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