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clip0055 The Webhook step automatically sends information from a process instance in ELMA365 to an external system.

As an example, let's consider a company that sells and ships equipment. A sales rep receives an order from a customer and sends it to the warehouse where the order is processed. After invoicing, the order is shipped, and the Webhook automatically sends the order's details to the inventory management software.

This way the company saves time on entering data and avoids human mistakes, such as specifying a wrong serial number.

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Only users included in the Administrators group can manage webhook settings.

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How to add a Webhook to the process

On the process page, click + Add step and select Webhook type. Place the step in the part of the process where the system must send data to the external system.


Hover the mouse over the step number and click clip0051 to open the settings. There are two tabs in the settings window: General and Error handling.

Read more about the Webhook settings in this article.

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