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How to update versions older than 0.9.0

Starting from version 0.9.0 the system installation and configuring procedure have changed significantly. The only way to upgrade from a version older than 0.9.0 is by restoring the system data dump.


This can be done in the following steps:


  1. Perform the data dump
  2. Install a new version of the ELMA system on a new virtual machine
  3. Restore data from the backup to the installed version
  4. Verify that the system operates correctly and data restoration was successful.
  5. Uninstall the version of the system you are making an upgrade from.


To perform the data dump, run the script below, which starts job for the dumping of all the data. The script stops all the ELMA365 services and restarts them after the data dump is completed.


sudo curl -fsSL -o elma365-pre0.9-dump.sh https://dl.elma365.com/onPremise/elma365-pre0.9-dump && sudo chmod +x elma365-pre0.9-dump.sh && sudo ./elma365-pre0.9-dump.sh


Run the script and wait for it to complete. The dump will be saved to the /backup/ folder in a sub-folder having the current timestamp as the folder name.


начало внимание

We recommend installing the new ELMA365 system on a newly created virtual machine or make a backup copy of the existing virtual machine.

конец внимание


For restoring data to the already installed and running ELMA365 version, run the following command:


elma365ctl restore --path=/backup/<FOLDER>/


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