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ELMA RPA Standard or Enterprise edition is required.

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The Users section displays information about all ELMA RPA users.

It is displayed as a table with a user's login, their full name, email, role, and the group he or she belongs to. You can sort users in ascending or descending order by login, full name, and email. To do this, click the sort-icon icon. Click once more to change the sorting order.


Creating users

To create a new user account, click on the create user button button in the top panel, fill in the required fields, and click Save.

create user

Enter the user login, password, full name, and email. The user login must contain only Latin symbols.

Select the user role:

  • Administrator. Can access all Orchestrator sections and settings and work with ELMA RPA Designer processes.
  • Editor. Can only model and edit ELMA RPA Designer processes. This user can’t work with the Orchestrator.

In the Groups field, select the groups the created user belongs to. Read more about managing groups in the Groups article.

Editing user data

You can edit the user data. To do this, click on the 26 button to the user's right and change the data. The user editing window is similar to the user creation window.

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The user login can not be edited.

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User search

You can search for a user by his name in the Users section page. Start entering the name. The search results will immediately be displayed in the table.

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