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Importing context variables to the ELMA RPA

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ELMA RPA Standard or Enterprise edition is required.

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If you have set integration with an external system, you can import context variables to the ELMA RPA when creating an RPA process. This allows you to exchange data between systems. The function is only available in the advanced mode of  the ELMA RPA Designer. Read more about the advanced mode in the Advanced mode article.

When creating the RPA process, you will see the Import variables block. Read more about creating the RPA process in the Creating a process article.

Select an external system and a process for receiving the data.

Designer process

After that, you will see a table with all the available context variables and their types.

You can sort variables in ascending or descending order. To sort the data, click on the column name. Click again to change the sorting order. Another click cancels the sorting.

You can search for context variables by their name. Start entering a name in the search bar. The search results will immediately be displayed in the table.

Choose the required variables. If you need to select all the variables or deselect some of them, check the box in the name row. The selected variables will be added to the context tab of the process page.

If you don’t need to transfer the variables, select the Default process.

To configure the action sequence for a bot, click the Create button. This will open the process page.

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