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Working with the Document compliance app

The Document compliance app allows you to request documents from existing customers in case of compliance issues. Customers will upload new or corrected documents using the Service Portal.

начало внимание

Make sure you perform the initial steps before you use this solution. Otherwise, the business process will not work correctly.

конец внимание

Creating a Document request

If some of the existing customer’s documents are missing or invalid, you can make a Document request. To add a new Document request, open the Document compliance app and click the creation button in the upper right corner of the page:


The Document request creation form will open:


  • Company*. Select the company you are working with from the Companies app in the CRM workspace. Click +Create to add a new one.
  • Customer*. Select the customer person from the Contacts app in the CRM workspace. Click +Create to add a new one.
  • Documents*. Select the templates from the Document templates app. These will be templates for the documents the customer will need to add or reupload. Click +Create to add a new document template to the system.
  • Internal comment. Write a comment that will not be available to the customer.
  • Comment for customer. Write a comment that the customer will see. Here you may want to specify what needs to be changed or added.

When you fill out the information, slick Save. The Document request will be saved in the Document compliance app, and the Document request processing business process will start.

Unlocking the external user

The customer needs to add the necessary information or documents on the Service Portal for external users. If the customer’s external user account is locked, the Customer service team member gets the task to unlock it. To do that, follow the instructions in the Lock an external user article.

Contacting the customer

If the customer doesn’t have an external user account, it will be created automatically. The Customer service team member gets the task to contact the customer to inform him or her that they are going to be registered on the Service Portal and receive a Document request.

If you cannot reach the customer, click No response. You will be assigned this task again in three hours.

When you contact the customer, click Contacted. The customer will receive an email with the personal invitation link and template files for the documents that need to be added or reuploaded.

Adding requested information and documents

If some information or documents submitted by an existing customer have compliance issues, additional documents can be requested. The customer gets an email informing him or her that additional documents need to be added on the Document Upload Page on the company’s Service Portal. The email includes templates for the documents that need to be uploaded. These templates will also be available on the Service Portal.

If the customer wasn’t registered as an external user in the company, the customer will first be contacted by the Customer service team member, and the email sent afterwards will include a personal invitation link. To activate your external user account, click the link and enter your name and password.

When you log in to the portal, you will see the Document Upload Page. On the left, you can see your Tasks. The right side of the page shows your applications (if you submitted any).


To upload the requested documents, click the Upload missing documents task in the list on the right (you may need to reload the page for the task to appear in the list).


You will see the name of the requested documents in the Required documents field, see the compliance manager’s Comment, and the Template files. Upload the documents complying with the attached templates to the Documents* field and click Documents uploaded.

Checking reuploaded documents

When the customer reuploads documents, the Customer service team member gets the task to check whether they comply with the corresponding templates.


On the task from, you will see the internal Compliance comment, Comment for customer, and all information about the request. The documents the customer uploaded will be available in the Documents field. If some documents are missing or incorrect, click Reupload required. You will need to specify what needs to be corrected in a comment. The customer will receive an email including this comment and will get the task on the Service Portal to upload the documents again.

If all documents comply with the templates, click the Documents are OK button. The request will be assigned the status Done. The customer will receive an email informing that no compliance issues have been found in the uploaded documents.

When the Customer service team member clicks Documents are OK, the employee who created the Document request gets the task to check the documents as well.

If they don’t comply with the applicable policies, click Reupload required. You will need to leave a comment. The customer will receive an email that includes your comment and will be assigned the corresponding task on the Service Portal again.

If the documents are correct, click Close the ticket. The business process will end.

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