Write Text

The Write Text activity allows you to save text to a Word document. The value is copied to the process context variable.

Activity settings

To open the settings window, click on the activity on the process diagram.

Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab displays the basic activity parameters.


Name. The activity name on the process diagram. It is set by default when adding the activity. You can change the name in this field.

In the Path to the file, Start and Text fields you can use process context variables that store the desired values. Click on the send-mail-2 icon and specify the variable. You can select it from the list or add a new one by clicking Create parameter. The value is inserted as {$variable name}.

Path to the file. The location of a Word document in the file system. This field supports only the String type variables.

Start. Specify the ordinal number of the character in the Word document from which the new text is added. The fields support only the String and Integer type variables.

Text. Specify the text that is added to the Word document. This field supports only the String type variables.

Conditions Tab

Read more about the Conditions tab in the Basic activity settings principles article.

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