New ELMA365 feature - Document Generation form Template

25 April 2019

Generating a document from a template you save time on the routine work as all your standard documents are created automatically.

document generation from template elma365

Suppose a company runs a service business. For every deal, they need to prepare a package of documents: a service agreement, an invoice and a sign-off. The document format does not vary from deal to deal, only client information changes: name, payment details, deal amount, etc. With ELMA356,instead of editing the documents manually, they just need to add information on the clients page or the task form, and the system automatically inserts unique customer data into the document template.

To set up templates, three simple steps should be done:

  1. Create a template
  2. Enter data into the system once
  3. Add the “Generation by template” activity to the process diagram

Every time the process flow reaches this activity, a user will get a ready-to-use .docx, .xlsx or .pdf. file. When generating a document, ELMA365 can write the deal amount in numbers or in words, insert the full client name or initials, enter the date in the specified format.

More information about using and customizing document templates can be found in our Help Center: