New feature: Kanban board

29 March 2019

A kanban board in ELMA365 helps you track business processes at each stage. For example, you can see how many orders are being processed at the moment and check their statuses.

kanban board to monitor business processes in elma365

Here is how it works. First, create a business process that describes all the steps employees need to perform to handle an order. Then configure the order statuses and add them to the process. For example, “Processing”, “Pending payment”, “Shipped”, “Completed”. As employees perform steps in the process, the order automatically changes statuses and moves across the board from left to right.

Thus, you can get a holistic view of how your processes work. If there is a bottleneck at some stage, it will be immediately reflected on the board. Using this information, a manager will quickly identify problematic stages and be able to settle the issue.

Read more about kanban settings in the ELMA365 Help Center: