New ELMA365 feature - Scripts

26 April 2019

We’ve added a new activity to the business process management tool kit, the Scrip activity.

scripts for automation of no-standard operations and integrations elma365

A script is a file with a TypeScript code that allows working with app data: create, request, change and delete app items and interact with external systems via HTTP.

For example, when processing an order, the system can automatically calculate bonuses of a sales person. By executing a script, the system will determine the amount of bonuses based on the order cost and the employee interest rate.

At the end of the month, such statistics will be collected in one document and then sent to the payroll accountant, while the data for the previous month will be cleared.

Scripts also help establish interaction with external systems. Suppose the company sells products via the Internet. When a client clicks the Place Order button, a script can automatically launch a process in ELMA365 that will contain all the order details.

Using scripts, you can send the data back to your website. For example, once the order is shipped, a responsible employee specifies the order tracking number on the task page in ELMA365. The script will send this number back to the web site, where a customer will be able to see it.

More information about scripts can be found in the ELMA365 Help Center: